We Can Handle Your Needs

At Karam Concepts We utilize state of the art industrial equipment for your large scale or large capacity products. This allows us to focus on delivering almost any quantity of high quality products with a consistentLy fast turnaround at a competitive price.


Automotive Paint

Our full-sized paint booth lets us apply many different kinds of liquid coatings. These can be both commercial or custom applications.


Hi-Temp ceramic and powder coatings

We are certified specialists in high temperature coatings. There are both powder and ceramic coatings. Each coating is specifically chosen to best suit the application. We are always eager to help our customers choose the right process and products.


powder coatings

From small custom projects, to large architectural finishing, we make sure each part gets our full attention. Our qualified and heat mapped oven produces an even cure every time.


our state of the art facility has the capacity to:

  • Powdercoat parts up to 30' in length.

  • Sandblast and pretreat parts correctly, according to their composition and end use.

  • Offer custom show quality painting and design consulting.

  • Fast turnaround, even on large production runs.

  • Packaging and shipping directly from our location.

  • Pick up and delivery of parts either to you or to your job sites.

  • Storage of large products in our highly secured yard.